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Top Five Boys Lacrosse Plays from Spring 2016

Today we’ll be showing you the YCN top five plays from boys lacrosse this past Spring.

First up is selection number 5, Plymouth High school’s Evan Bolognani was able to quietly sneak toward the net against Kearsarge during the first round of the division three playoffs. The Kearsarge defense had some communication problems and Evan was able to shoot one on one against the goalie for an easy score.

Next is number 4, Kearsarge attackman Lucas Muzzey was able to receive a pass and quickly shoot and score to pad the Cougars lead against John Stark.

Now to the third play, Plymouth’s Evan Bolognani was able to get open and receive a pass from a driving teammate. Evan then easily put the ball past the goalie for another goal against Kearsarge.

Next is number 2, Lucas Muzzey was able to record another goal after Tate Nurme made a nice assist to cut Kearsarge’s deficit.

And now to the top play, Kearsarge’s top scorer and the player of the year for division three, Justin Norris was able to fake to the right and then cut back to left while unloading a powerful shot that was too much for the goalie to stop. All while Norris was pummeled to the ground from an opposing defender.

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