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Hartford Fire Department Conducts Swift Water Rescue

It was thanks to the rapid and efficient work of crews from local fire departments during a swift water rescue that a stranded person was deemed safe Tuesday night. According to the Hartford Fire Department, at around 10:00 Tuesday night, they responded to the Sumner Falls Boat access area in Hartland to assist the Plainfield, NH Fire Department in rescuing a person stranded on a rock in the Connecticut River.

The victim was 20 yards from the shore north of the falls, was not injured, and was were able to communicate with responders. He explained that he had been fishing and the water level rose suddenly, trapping him on the rock for four hours. Swift Water Teams from Hartford and Hanover arrived and entered the water, both upstream and downstream from the trapped man.

They were able to toss him a line and a personal flotation device, allowing personnel to safely wade to the man and secure him and his fishing equipment. He was safely brought back to shore with no injuries and was not brought to the hospital.

Fire departments from Hartford, Hanover, Lebanon, and Plainfield all responded.

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