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Claremont Airport May Undergo New Hangar Construction

The Claremont Airport may be on track to receive a new hanger in the future, pending the approval of funds by the city council. According to The Eagle Times, the city council is set to vote next week on accepting $365,000 in federal, state, and local grant money for the new hangar project, which is part of the 10-year master plan to upgrade the entire facility.

A large percentage of the grant money comes from the Federal Aviation Administration and both state and local contributions make up just shy of $20,000 of the total.

The master plan dictates that the new hangar will replace a current structure that was built in 1927 and is falling apart, with the the cost of repairs totaling more than the cost to simply build a new one. If the funds are approved and expended, the hangar will be located close to the runway and other hangars and will house five to six small planes.

Other changes are on the way as part of the master plan, including a new terminal next year.

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