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Buyer Backs Out of Wheelabrator Incinerator Purchase

In Claremont, the closed Wheelabrator incinerator plant will now have to look for another owner as a potential buyer has backed out.The plant on 145 Grisom Lane, which shut down in 2013, was set to be purchased by Recycling Technologies Solutions from Kentucky, given the incinerator’s status as a trash-to-energy machine.

The Eagle Times says that the Kentucky energy group sent an email to Mayor Charlene Lovett and City Manager Guy Santagate stating that after much consideration, they have decided not to purchase the building.

Early last month, Recycling Technologies Solutions’ attorney and investor, D.B. Kazee had presented his idea to the city council to create a gasification facility that would turn electricity back into the energy grid. Having placed the winning bid for over $550,000, the group would have operated the plant as Genesis Recycling and would have employed 25 people.

Both the city council and residents are still mulling possible uses for the facility, which operated for 27 years before closing just three years ago.

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