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Brattleboro Police Station New Site to Receive 2nd Evaluation

In Brattleboro, officials will be taking a look at the new site of the police department as part of a second environmental evaluation. Following the approved move of the Brattleboro Police Station from downtown to 62 Black Mountain Road, officials will be conducting a second site survey in regards to environmental suitability to ensure that the building and land are truly safe before the move begins.

The Brattleboro Reformer reports that at the end of the first test, officials did not suggest that a second test would be required. The building houses the Reformer, and officials found materials in the sewers related to the printing process.

Although this discovery poses no serious threat and does not deter the move altogether, a second test will be conducted in an act of caution.

However, the timeframe for this second evaluation is expected to be at least three months, which further pushes the actual purchase of the property to late this year, come October or November.

In the meantime, site design and permitting processes will carry on, ahead of the November 17th construction start date.

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