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Three Arrested for Breaking Window at Topstone Mill

Police have arrested three for breaking a window at a historic mill in Claremont. City police have arrested three male juveniles, all around the age of 13, for breaking a window on June 19th at the Topstone Mill Building. Their identities are being withheld because of their status as minors and it appears that these suspects are not responsible for the robbery of six patio seat cushions the day before from the Time-Out All Americana Grill.

The window breaking incident was reported to have happened the night of the 19th where the juveniles smashed eight window panels.

Claremont Police are still investigating a string of robberies that took place on the same weekend at other parts around town, including Durham Avenue, Little Lane, and West Pleasant Street, which all appear to be unrelated to the vandalism.

If you know anything in any of these cases, please contact Claremont Police at 603-542-9538.

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