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Future of Vilas Bridge Looking Hopeful for BF and Walpole

The tale continues tonight for a historic bridge over the Connecticut River between Walpole and Bellows Falls. Now, federal authorities are weighing in and say that actions will be taken in the near future for the Vilas Bridge.

The Eagle Times reports that the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration says that although they have not replied to a letter regarding the future of the bridge, they certainly intend to.

The letter was written by Charlene Vaughn of the Office of Federal Agency Programs to the FHWA, wondering what the NHDOT had planned for the bridge and if they had even drawn up a maintenance plan for the span. So far, authorities have replied by saying that the main issue is funding.

The bridge, which is jointly owned by both states, was closed back in March of 2009 by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation after a semi-annual inspection deemed the structure unsafe due to deteriorating concrete.

It is closed to traffic but currently carries sewage from Walpole to Bellows Falls for treatment, as part of an agreement.

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