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Claremont Boat Ramp to Close Temporarily for Silt Removal

A popular boat launch in Claremont on the Connecticut River will be closed for a short while while silt removal is completed. The Ashley Ferry public boat access launch on Route 12A will be closed starting next Tuesday, July 5th so that the ramp can be cleared of silt that has accumulated over the years.

The ramp was built 16 years ago and is the only improved ramp between Cornish and Cheshire. Fortunately enough, the ramp will be reopened three days later on July 8th, next Friday, ahead of the weekend.

During the silt dredging, a turbidity curtain, which is a plastic shield placed in the water, will be installed at the end of the ramp. This device catches silt and clay floating in the water as a result of the dredging, which keeps it from entering the main river and floating away or settling elsewhere.

Authorities are reminding people that there will be no opportunity to launch or retrieve their boats from the Ashley Ferry launch during that time.

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