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Top Five Baseball Plays from Spring 2016

Today we’ll be showing you the YCN top five baseball plays from this past Spring.

First is number 5. Kuba Kubowski was able to drive in the winning division four championship run to cap a perfect undefeated season for Littleton by reaching base after getting hit by a pitch in the bottom of the 7th inning with the bases loaded and the game tied. This selection wasn’t necessarily for skill as Kuba didn’t even have to swing that bat, but it was chosen because of the high pressure situation and the ultimate championship winning result.

Number 4. Back to the division four championship we go. Littleton pitcher Tyler Brown was able to induce this inning ending double play as a Sunapee batter popped a ball straight to shortstop Derek Walker who immediately threw to first to double up the runner trying to advance.

Number 3. Bow infielder Connor Blandini was able to rush in on an infield fly ball, making a very nice sliding catch to end the inning.

Number 2. Lebanon’s Matt Sullivan was able to make a nice sliding grab in left field to keep their rival, Hanover, from scoring in the inning.

And finally to our top play of the Spring. Lebanon’s Hunter Boutin charged a slicing foul ball from left field. It appeared as if the ball would land harmlessly in foul territory but Boutin’s speed and athleticism allowed him to make a perfect read to make the outstanding sliding grad.

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