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Hartford Residents to Vote on Charter Changes in November

The town of Hartford, Vermont will be voting in November on some changes to the town’s charter. Two changes are slated to be voted on come Election Day later this year, one regarding a local options tax and the other moves failed budget votes to a second all-day ballot vote.

Both of these changes were discussed at Tuesday’s Selectboard meeting, and The Valley News reports that the changes were approved by town voters in March during Town Meeting, but the state Legislature has not officially approved them, due to errors by the town in presenting the changes to voters.

One primary error is cited as the town not providing full text of the proposed changes prior to Town Meeting Day, even though they did provide summaries to voters.

The options tax, which would impose a 1% fee on alcohol, food, and rooms, was supported by residents as it did not affect them very much, and instead would allow the town to reap additional revenue from tourists and travelers.

The town’s Selectboard will hold two public hearings this summer to further refine and receive input on the approved changes prior to Election Day on November 8th.

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