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Arizona Man Injured on I-91, Issued Ticket for Driving Off Road

An Arizona man was sent to the hospital and issued a ticket after he crashed his pickup truck while towing a camper on I-91. Vermont State Police say that 68-year old Jerry Schleis of Tombstone, Arizona was travelling North on I-91 around 3:20 Monday when his 2008 Chevy pickup truck with a camper in tow traveled into the median and went airborne after driving up the U-turn embankment. Police say the vehicle traveled 130 feet while airborne before it landed north of the U-turn.

The camper then separated from the pickup truck and it continued North in the median where it eventually struck some trees and came to a complete stop. Schleis suffered from a head laceration and was subsequently transported to Springfield Hospital for treatment.

He revealed to authorities that he may have fallen asleep, causing him to drift into the median. Police have issued him a  ticket for driving off the roadway and it took officials roughly two hours to clean up the scene.

The accident occurred by mile marker 39 and the weather was cloudy with dry road conditions. The truck sustained damage to the front end and undercarriage and Schleis was wearing a seatbelt.

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