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Maple Avenue’s National Field Representatives Expanding

A local Claremont company on Maple Avenue has begun to expand their business in the way of a new building and a new parking lot, which they won’t need to travel far to reach. The company? National Field Representatives. The new location? Right across the street at the former site of Gary’s Claremont Tire Company and right next door at the Claremont Savings Bank building.

National Field Representatives purchased the closed auto business recently and demolished the building late last week, allowing them to build a parking lot for employees in the vacant lot.

Additionally, the vacant Claremont Savings Bank building next door was also purchased by NFR and may be demolished or moved. The company hopes to construct a 2-story addition, totalling around 25,000 square feet, which has the potential to host nearly 300 employees.

Earlier this year, a portion of Maple Avenue, including NFR, was deemed an Economic Revitalization Zone by the city, making businesses in that zone eligible for tax credits. NFR is a mortgage servicing company that employs about 200 people here in Claremont and an additional 50 at its Florida location.

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