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Claremont City Council Approves $50,000 for Fire Equipment

Firefighters at the Claremont Fire Department will soon be able to fight fires better with the approval of funds for new equipment. The City Council voted unanimously last week to add nearly $50,000 to the fire department budget for fiscal year 2017 to upgrade equipment for the department’s firefighters.

The Eagle Times reports that the new protective equipment will bring the department back up to standards in regards to firefighter safety and protective gear.

The last time a true upgrade took place of most of the department’s equipment was 12 years ago in 2004, with new pieces being added occasionally since then. There are 34 firefighters as part of the Claremont station and 15 of them have current equipment, while the remaining nineteen are out of compliance with safety standards.

In years prior, the council has allotted just shy of $10,000 to upgrade the gear loadouts, but it simply has not been enough to upgrade the entire station.

The large sum of funds that was approved last week will help purchase replacement air packs and the department can also expect a new fire truck to fight fires in town and the surrounding area.

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