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Sunapee’s Livery Clock Stuck at Wrong Time, To Be Repaired

What if time just stopped? I’m sure plenty of us would like the ability to have time control, but in one specific part of Sunapee, time has come to a standstill. WNTK Radio reports that the Sunapee Select Board recently voted 4-1 in approval of around $2000 to repair the Harbor House Livery Clock, which has stopped moving.

Sunapee Riverway, which works to preserve the historic parts of Sunapee’s Harbor, purchased the building for $1.00 in September of last year while the clock was being repaired, although the conditions of the purchase stated that the clock be in working condition.

Once it was fixed, it worked for a short time, but when officials tried to adjust it for daylight savings on November 6th, it stopped working.

The town’s highway department director recommended that it be repaired so that the conditions in the original agreement with Riverway could be fulfilled. D’Avanza Clock Repair from Goffstown, NH will be handling the repairs, which will reset it to the correct time once it is in working order.

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