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Peking Tokyo Investigated in Negligent Homicide & DUI Crash

Yet another update in the case of a Hartland man who killed a Rhode Island woman in a wrong-way drunk driving crash on I-89 two weeks ago. Now, the state’s liquor board is investigating Peking Tokyo in Lebanon where 38-year old Daniel Cowdrey of Hartland consumed alcohol before driving home to Vermont.

The Valley News reports that the NH Liquor Commission, in cases like this, follows the trail back to where the suspect was provided alcohol to see if the restaurant or source is at fault for allowing one too many drinks and violating protocol. An affidavit states that Cowdrey told police he had “a few beers” at Peking Tokyo before driving home.

Police say that on May 25th, Cowdrey was driving the wrong way on I-89 while drunk and hit 34-year old Ellynn Koelsch of Rhode Island, killing her and sending her 4-year old son to Dartmouth-Hitchcock for treatment of serious injuries. Since the accident, a memorial fund has been set up online to help raise money for the husband and 4-year old son of Ellynn Koelsch, which has raised over $46,000 so far.

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  1. Stupid. Take responsibility. The restaurant is not your parents.

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