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Claremont Promoting Sidewalk Sales in Downtown for Summer

Residents of Claremont who like frequenting the downtown will now have something to look forward to this summer. Are you a fan of sidewalk sales? You’re in luck! The Claremont City Council has announced that they will be sponsoring three sidewalk sales at various points this summer in order to promote business and economy in the historic downtown.

The Eagle Times reports that the sidewalk sales will take place from dawn to dusk, 9 AM to 8 PM on Pleasant Street and Opera House Square on June 17th, July 15th, and August 12th.

These three sidewalk sales are all in an attempt to revitalize the downtown, which has seen a decline over the past few decades with empty storefronts on Pleasant Street becoming more commonplace. However, multiple new businesses have cropped up, including Linden’s Bounce House, 100 Mile Market, and Twisted Fitness, which is set to open soon.

City officials said that the idea for the sidewalk sales came from merchants themselves, as they would like to promote their businesses as well as support the city. The sales will take place without the need for special business permits or even an approval vote from the council.

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