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Claremont Board Approves Variances for Senior-Living Facility

An update on the the proposed senior-living facility off of Claremont’s Washington Street: The Zoning Board of Adjustment, during Monday night’s meeting, approved two variances for the 492 Washington Street property that now allows the construction for a 74-unit senior-living facility.

The Eagle Times reports that the variances were approved unanimously and that the main focus was safety in regards to traffic and turning onto and off of the traffic-heavy street.

Wayne and Jean McCutcheon, who own the property and who have been pursuing this project for a couple months now, brought to the board plans for creating easements on both sides of the entrance and for extending the Home Depot’s central turning lane to the east.

The two variances approved will allow the building to be built in a rural residential 2 zone and would raise the housing density allowance.

Wayne McCutcheon plans to move the project forward in two phases and board members have expressed their approval, saying it is a great use for the property and provides a valuable resource.

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