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Springfield Man Arrested for Violating Restraining Order

Springfield, VT police have arrested a man who violated his conditions of release not even 24 hours later. Court records say that 26-year old James Douglas pleaded innocent last week to charges of simple assault and violation of an abuse prevention order in Windsor Superior Court.

The initial charges came when Douglas got into a scuffle with three men who were changing the locks on his ex-girlfriend’s apartment door so that he could not enter.

An affidavit in the case says that Corporal Gilderdale responded to the apartment on Commonwealth Avenue and found Douglas with a thousand-year stare, gaping mouth, and bags under his eyes. He told Gilderdale that the three men had broken into his apartment, but the three men later said that they were called there by the ex-girlfriend to change the locks.

Two of the men had visible signs of being injured by Douglas, including bite marks and abrasions, where he had hit them with a tree branch. Douglas was arrested and released that Thursday and was found within 300 feet of Commonwealth Avenue Friday morning, thus violating a restraining order placed on him.

He spent the three-day Memorial Day Weekend in jail and pleaded innocent late last week.

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