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Officials Seeking Federal Aid for CT River’s Vilas Bridge

The story continues for the historic Vilas Bridge between Walpole and Bellows Falls across the Connecticut River. Now, federal assistance may be sought by town officials in order to help repair the bridge, which has been deemed vital. Despite no longer carrying traffic across the span, which was built in 1930, it does carry the a large sewer line that transports sewage from Walpole to Bellows Falls for treatment there.

Officials on both sides of the river are seeking a resolution to repair the span, but New Hampshire state has essentially left the project alone.

Now, according to The Eagle Times, a tri-board group with officials from Walpole, Rockingham, and Bellows Falls, are considering writing a letter to a federal judge to receive the funds and assistance they need to keep the bridge in good shape so that the sewage agreement can remain intact.

The bridge – which is jointly owned by both states – was closed back in March of 2009 by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation after a semi-annual inspection deemed the structure unsafe due to deteriorating concrete.

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