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Newport Guidance Counselor Appeals for New Trial

An update in the court case of a Newport guidance counselor found guilty of multiple counts of indecent exposure, as he is now seeking a new trial. 44-year old Thomas Mauzy was found guilty last week during a one-day trial on seven counts of indecent exposure and lewdness, all misdemeanor charges.

Immediately after being convicted, Mauzy appealed the conviction through his attorney and sought the input of the 12-member jury, hoping to hear the thoughts of individual citizens rather than just the district judge.

The conviction stems from charges filed earlier this year in January that Mauzy exposed himself in his bedroom to his neighbor as she was getting into her car to head to work. The neighbor had taken video as evidence and Mauzy turned himself in to authorities.

Last week, he was sentenced to jail, but won’t be serving actual time and will instead remain on a two-year probation period. School officials within Newport have said that his future employment is dependent on his state certification and what the school board decides.

The case has been transferred to Superior Court from Sullivan County Court. Mauzy is scheduled to appear there on July 13th.

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