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Windsor Sees Resignation of Board Chair; Seeking to Fill Spot

The Windsor, Vermont Selectboard has announced that Justin Ciccarelli, voluntarily resigned from his position on the board last week on Monday, May 23rd. According to Windsor on Air, no vote was held in regards to the resignation during the scheduled Selectboard meeting the following day. Ciccarelli was slated to hold the chairman position until March 2018 and the board is currently seeking a new chair to fill the vacant seat.

His resignation came after he pleaded not guilty to charges of domestic assault after his former fiancee alleged that he picked her up by the throat and made threatening moves against her at the beginning of this month. Ciccarelli had filed a motion in Windsor Superior Court that would amend his conditions so that he could see his former fiancee, who also supported the motion, but it was recently denied by a judge.

In the meantime, the board hopes to fill the empty seat, and a successful candidate would fill it until March of next year, 2017, when town meeting takes place.

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