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Windham Farm and Food Providing Fresh Food to Residents

Over the past few years, there has been new interest in eating healthly and eating locally, that according to Windham Farm and Food Hub Manager, Alex McCullough. He’s running a mission-driven fresh-food delivery service providing one-stop online ordering, simplified billing, and educational and marketing support for Southern Vermont and New Hampshire.

Unlike traditional distributors, they provide source-identified buying at the point of purchase and ensure freshness with same-day pickup and delivery from over 30 vendors within a 30-mile radius. They have a network of  farmers who collaborate to produce a reliable and affordable inventory with convenient ordering. Farms post their products and WFF delivers direct.

After recent successful years as an LLC, Windham Farm and Food has partnered with Food Connects and is now part of their educational programs on local food education and sustainability. For more information visit www.foodconnects.org.

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