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Claremont Man Indicted by Grand Jury in Home Invasion Case

The court case continues for a man that has been arrested in connection with a home invasion in May of 2015, as he has been indicted by a grand jury. 41-year old Jeffrey Buzzell of Claremont was indicted recently in Sullivan County Superior Court by a grand jury, facing charges that include receiving stolen property over $1500 in value and falsifying physical evidence.

Buzzell was involved with another male suspect last year in a home invasion in nearby Charlestown when the two broke in, tied up the 63-year old woman living there, and stole over $25,000 in jewelry, coins, gold & silver, and other personal items.

Buzzell was spending time in prison earlier this year for an unrelated charge when he made calls to his wife directing her how to find the stash of stolen items.

Police were tipped off from the information from these calls and found the items in Newport, which then led them to arrest Buzzell. During the home invasion, Buzzell and the other suspect had tied up the homeowner and left her in the basement, where she was found 9 hours later.

Prior to his indictment, Buzzell was held on $250,000 bail and additional charges may still be pending.

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