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Two in Recovery After Single-Engine Plane Crash in Warner

On Sunday night, a plane trying to return to the Concord, New Hampshire airport went down in the Chandler Woods near Stewart peak in Warner. Deb Moore, a resident in the vicinity said she heard a plane circle around 7pm then go silent. At about 8:30pm, 911 received a call from the plane’s occupants.

David Ralph and a woman companion had survived the crash but took an hour to find a cell phone in the wreckage.

It took 50 to 70 emergency responders hacking and chainsawing their way in the dark through the woods and up a steep, rocky incline to reach the crash site almost a mile from emergency vehicles. Neither of the survivors sustained life threatening injuries but were injured slightly and carried out on stretchers.

They were then taken to Concord Hospital. Debris from the crash was scattered throughout the area with one of the plane’s wings remaining 30 feet up in a tree and the battered fuselage lying on its side.

Responders from Grafton, Sutton, Contoocook, Webster, Salisbury, Henniker, Hillsboro, Bradford and Concord assisted.

We caught up with New London fire chief Jay Lyons on the importance of mutual aid responses to accidents like these.

States and towns all over the United States employ a similar manner of mutual aid responses.

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