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Fiske Free Library Requesting Funds to Update Systems

Ever been on your computer and constantly been nagged by messages saying you need to install update after update? Well the Fiske Free Library here in Claremont is taking those messages seriously, as it needs to update its automation system which is at risk of becoming obsolete.

The Eagle Times reports that on Wednesday, the city council heard a budget presentation from the library’s director, who explained that the library’s current Winnebago system, which was installed 20 years ago, won’t work if they update their Microsoft products any further.

Winnebago was installed in 1996 when the library used Windows 95, but has become closer and closer to no longer working, as 20 of the library’s computers are running Windows 7.

Now, the library is asking for $6500 to purchase a new automation system that is more up to date, as the library’s systems could potentially come to a complete stop if Microsoft is upgraded one more time.

City officials have noted the importance of the library within Claremont and have said that they will try to put this through and make sure the upgrade can be completed.

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