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Dartmouth College Scales Down Proposed Athletic Complex

Dartmouth College has considered the requests of residents and has agreed to downsize a proposed athletic complex. The Valley News reports that the college has agreed to slightly alter their plans for a 70,000 square foot multi-purpose athletic facility near Tyler Road in the face of opposition from residents who live in the neighborhood.

The Hanover Planning Board is mulling the proposal and one of the board members who is a resident that lives right near the build site has appealed a decision saying that the building meets regulations. This appeal caused college officials to alter the plans so that the building will stand 60 feet from the facade facing Tyler Road, as compared to the original 70 feet.

However, neighbors are still arguing that the site be moved entirely and that the building be built somewhere else, such as the Blackman athletic fields. There is a gathering scheduled for June 7th at the Hanover Town Hall for residents to meet and voice their opinions on this highly controversial project.

The project, if started, would cost around $17-million.

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