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Moody Park Celebrating 100th Year Anniversary with Events

What’s your favorite local gem? Is it a museum, a hiking trail, a park, or something else? For many in our region, especially Claremont, Moody Park has a special place in their heart and next month will mark a rather large landmark for the community park. June marks the 100th Anniversary of the 325 acre public park, established in 1916 when William Moody, a Claremont businessman, donated the land to the city.

The landscape of the park has certainly changed over time, most notably with a selective timber harvest in 2013-2014, but has always played host to a wide variety of trails for hiking, biking, running, or cross-country skiing. In celebration, the city and groups throughout town are hosting a variety of events to appreciate the park.

They start next Wednesday, on the first of the month for June, most notably with a self-guided story walk on the Shady Pines Loop that places a children’s story along a trail. In addition, the Claremont Cycle Depot will begin doing group mountain bike rides every Wednesday at 6:00 PM, starting next week.

We’ve only mentioned two of the events taking place, but if you’d like the full comprehensive list with exact details, you can visit www.ClaremontParks.com for the full lowdown.

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