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Sunapee Students Compete with Memorized Speeches

Students from the Sunapee Middle School and Sunapee High School as they participated in the 74th Bartlett’s Prize Speaking Contest at the Sunapee Middle High School Wednesday. Three middle school students and seven high school students memorized a speech or story and presented it before three judges.

This years winners for the middle school were Josephine Furlong in third, Jackson Sheele in second, and Tobas Dezotelle taking the top prize. High school winners were third place Suzanne Rickard, second place Jessica Berio and first place Rachel Malanga.

John Henry Bartlett, who was born in Sunapee and was the governor of New Hampshire from 1919 – 1921, started the prize speaking contest in 1941 when he had an open air theatre built behind what is now the Sunapee Central Elementary School.

When Bartlett died in 1952, he left a trust fund to the school to provide prize money for the oratory contest. Congratulations to the winners.

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