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Police Recover Stolen Items; Claremont Man Held on $250K Bail

A Claremont man arrested for a home invasion over a year ago, stood in court Thursday and faced charges of receiving stolen property. What’s more is that authorities have recovered some of the stolen property, in the form of gold coins, which were taken from a 60-year old Charlestown woman’s home.

The robbery took place on May 3rd of last year where 41-year old Jeffery Buzzell and another unidentified male entered the home and tied up the homeowner, leaving her in the basement, where she was found 9 hours later by a contractor doing work on the house. Buzzell and the other suspect stole jewelry, coins, and valuables, but police were able to deduce the location of a stash through phone calls that Buzzell made from prison to his wife.

Buzzell was in prison for an unrelated charge, and had given his wife exact directions on how to find the stash. The information from the calls led police to a dirt road in Newport, where they dug up some of the items, including gold coins.

He has not been charged with home invasion as of yet and his bail was set at $250,000.

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