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Windsor Board Member Pleads Not Guilty in Assault Case

In Windsor, the town’s selectboard chairman has pleaded not guilty to charges of physical assault against his fiancee earlier this month. Justin Ciccarelli will be in court Thursday after pleading not guilty earlier this month to charges of felonious first degree aggravated domestic assault and misdemeanor domestic assault.

Court documents from Windsor Superior Court say that Ciccarelli allegedly picked up his fiancee, Lee Fotion, by the throat and slammed her down on her feet as well as grabbing her and pushing her backwards into a dresser.

He was released by the judge on conditions that he have no contact with Fotion, however on Monday, he utilized his attorney to file a motion that amends this specific condition, hoping to allow him to contact Fotion.

An affidavit written by the Windsor Police Department says that officers on May 4th had responded to the couple’s house on Old Mill Pond Road to look into an assault claim and found the two had been arguing over parenting and that Fotion feared for her life.

If convicted of the felony and misdemeanor charges, Ciccarelli could spend up to 16 years in prison and fines.

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