18-Wheeler Transporting Gas Canisters Rolls Over in Georges Mills

Shortly after noon Wednesday, an 18-wheeler truck carrying canisters of gas for Airgas was traveling West on Route 11 in Georges Mills, near Sunapee Cove Assisted Living, when it rolled over onto its side. The Sunapee Fire Chief told YCN News that it appeared that the driver got too far to the right and dropped onto the soft shoulder of the road and lost control.

The fire department’s first concern was that the contents of the trailer might put the area in danger, but it was determined that the truck was not transporting flammable content. Once the scene was analyzed and the threat nullified, traffic was re-opened to one lane.

Around 2 PM, the towing company waited for removal of the canisters before the truck could be righted. The Sunapee Fire Department took precautions to make sure that any liquid from the truck itself was contained and did not spread to the nearby lake. There no were no other vehicles involved and the driver was not injured in the accident.

Tractor trailers are particularly vulnerable to rollovers because of their high centers of gravity and frequently unstable loads. Because of these two factors, trucks of this type are prone to rollovers when traveling around corners due to the centrifugal force encountered on a curve.

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