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Judge Rules for Corrective Action in Rundown Property Cleanup

The City of Claremont will finally be moving ahead on cleaning up a deteriorated property on Chestnut Street. The Eagle Times reports that a land court judge has ruled that the city now has permission to clean up the property at 25 Chestnut Street and charge the clean up costs to the owner.

The property owner, who lives in Massachusetts and no longer occupies the home, has not complied to any of the land-use citations that have been filed, and the city will now take corrective action to clean up the 2-story building that is surrounded by garbage and is falling apart in some areas.

Residents of neighboring properties have expressed their concern of the property, as it is a health hazard, and an unnamed source told YCN News that in the four years he has lived near the property, he hasn’t seen anyone there and that it seems to be affecting property values in the general area. During the summer of last year, city officials had tried to have the owner appear in a New Hampshire court through a summons but it was to no avail.

The property owner has until June 1st to act on the citations before the cleanup cost lien takes effect, which will be approved by the court first.

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