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Dartmouth Student Groups Clash Over Display Board

At Dartmouth College, some turmoil has arisen recently over fliers posted on a bulletin board, with two student groups clashing over what was displayed. On Thursday, the group Dartmouth College Republicans arranged a bulletin board exhibit in the Collis Center that honors police officers that have fallen in the line of duty, under the tagline “Blue Lives Matter”.

However, the next morning, students united under Black Lives Matter removed the existing fliers and replaced them with their own, with messages that their efforts are being undermined.

The board was then taken down and the College Republicans reposted what they had put up originally, with a note that the board is reserved for their use. Since then, Black Lives Matter has taken full credit for defacing the original fliers and has reserved poster spaces of their own, adjacent to the board.

College President Phil Hanlon sent out an email on Sunday morning, saying that the removal of the Blue Lives Matter fliers is an “unacceptable violation of freedom of expression on our campus.”

This isn’t the first incident involving Black Lives Matter, as allegations of physical assault arose last fall after a protest in Baker Berry Library.

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