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Planning Board Approves New BJ’s Gas Station on Route 12A

If you’re driving through West Lebanon on Route 12A and your gas gauge hits red, you better hope you can make it to the only gas station, that being the Sunoco right near the exit off I-91. Chances are, you’ll make it, but having only one option for gas means that on busy days, you may have to wait a little longer before you can actually get your turn at the pump. However, a national chain big box store that has a location in West Leb is looking to open their own gas station on the former site of Friendly’s Restaurant.

BJ’s Wholesale Club, which is located right behind Friendly’s and Wendy’s, has had their plan for a gas station approved by the Lebanon Planning Board, which will join around 130 other gas stations that the store has on the East Coast.

The Valley News reports that the store would demolish the existing restaurant building, build six new pumps, a kiosk, plant 24 trees, and remove a large patch of pavement to create green space. Friendly’s closed last year and the owners had hoped to lease out the building, but the cost of renovation was a deterrent.

The Board this week unanimously approved the project, which will allow another option for drivers and shoppers to fill up their tank in what might be a more convenient location for some drivers.

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