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City Council Votes Down Proposed Bullpen Sculpture Project

At Wednesday night’s City Council meeting, after much deliberation over the months, the Council voted down a proposed idea for a sculpture in Claremont’s bullpen in the middle of the downtown rotary. The vote against the idea did not stand to oppose artist Ernest Montenegro’s artistic visions, but instead, was the result of consideration from public opposition and outcry.

The Eagle Times reports that the vote racked in at 8-0 against the project, which would have seen a sculpture fountain constructed in the bullpen, which many residents say isn’t the spot for a fountain. Residents expressed that they are not opposed to a sculpture project in town, and in fact, support it, but only if it was in any other location than the bullpen.

A public hearing had been held on May 3rd where Montenegro proposed his latest design, which had large arches that would stand up to 18 feet tall and extend over the bullpen with trees and greenery.

City officials are continuing to consider artwork and similar projects in town while also listening to the voices of residents.

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