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Newport Town Voters Cast Ballots to Determine Future of Town

Big news out of Newport as town voters have cast their ballots and made their voices heard following Tuesday’s 2nd Session Town Voting Day. The town’s proposed $9.5 million budget was approved, which means the town won’t need to revert to the default budget which sits slightly lower at around $9.4 million.

Incumbent Jeff Kessler and John Hooper II were both elected to two three year seats on the selectboard with 347 and 457 votes respectively. Hooper beat Jake Clark, who racked in 280 votes of his own, and will now take the empty seat left by longtime selectman Gary Nichols.

Town officials reported that this year, voter turnout was very low and Supervisor of the Checklist, Ella Casey, told WNTK Radio that of the roughly 3800 registered voters in the Sunshine Town, only 600 turned out to cast their ballots. There were 14 articles on the docket and three of them were defeated, one of which would add $5 to the motor vehicle registration fee and would allow the town to draw in additional funds for road and bridge projects.

Article 2, which amends zoning ordinance to address the land application of septage within town was passed, along with ten other articles. These include two bonds that would fund road projects were approved, which will now bring improvements to the Oak Street Bridge and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Knoll Streets.

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