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Claremont Board Continues Hearing for Site Plan of Shed & Garage

Claremont’s Zoning Board of Adjustment certainly has plenty to talk about with two projects in town currently moving forward. One is the proposed senior living facility off of Washington Street and the other is a property maintenance business looking to begin business with a new salt shed and garage.

The second of these two is the topic of this story as The Eagle Times reports that the planning board on Monday said that they are not quite ready to move ahead just yet as the board still needs to make decisions on the variances that apply to the project.

Jeremy Zullo, who owns Zullo Property Maintenance on 86 Windy Hill Road is seeking the board’s approval of two zoning variances, one of which would allow commercial activity within a rural residential district, and the other would allow access to the salt shed using a 50-foot right of way.

The site maintenance garage and shed would be built on Caajm Place and would even allow for designated parking spaces for his four employees.

The board is set to meet and ultimately vote on the variances June 6th, which will allow the board to move forward with the application.

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