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Guidance Counselor Seeks Hearing in Exposure Charge

A guidance counselor charged with indecent exposure is now seeking a court hearing before his trial. Thomas Mauzy, a guidance counselor for middle and high school students at Newport, was arrested in January when he turned himself in after a month-long investigation in which he was accused of exposing himself on multiple occasions to his neighbor. The neighbor’s parking space is 30 feet from Mauzy’s window and she had reported seeing him stand in front of his window and expose himself to her.

Now, The Valley News reports that Mauzy is saying that he was merely getting dressed for his work each morning and that his neighbor actually violated privacy laws by videotaping him. Conversely, the neighbor, Viva Hilgerson, says that she did indeed record him with a cellphone, but it was only for evidence in the case against him.

He pleaded not guilty to the multiple misdemeanor charges during his arraignment earlier this year and has since filed a motion to hold a hearing before the May 24th trial. He is currently on leave from his guidance counselor job at Newport.

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