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Sunapee Police Warning of Email Scam Demanding Ransom

Recently, we told you about a driveway paving scam going on in Springfield, NH, but now, residents of the area have an entirely different scam to be on the lookout for. This is an email scam and it’s named “Locky”, which may not sound too bad, but if you are struck with it, your computer may lose all of its data.

Sunapee Police have sent out a warning that this scam is starting to show up everywhere, with business emails seeing it more, and it appears as a business invoice in your email inbox. The subject line typically says “Attention Invoice #123456”, or a similar message, and comes with an attached Word Document.

If you open the invoice, malicious macros will work their way through your computer and encrypt all your data, essentially locking you out of your personal files. To get back into them, the scam tells you to send payment to a website in exchange for a decryption key.

You can restore your computer without sending the ransom by doing a full software reinstall, which may cause you lose all your data if your system is not backed up. Sunapee

Police are warning residents to not click on any attached files like the one described and to report it to your IT department.

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