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Windsor Receives Major Road Improvements to Downtown

Anybody who’s driven through the main drag in Windsor in the past week or so has no doubt had to wait for a road work sign spinner to spin their sign from ‘Stop’ to ‘Slow’, as construction has been progressing in the downtown. Pike Industries has been conducting cold milling for the past two weeks on various roads throughout town, focusing on the routes that see the most daily traffic.

Route 5, which goes right through the center of town, received cold milling from near the American Precision Museum all the way down to Price Chopper. In addition, construction crews have been working on Route 44 from the intersection with Route 5 all the way up to near the Windsor Armory past Mill Pond.

Officials told YCN News that they anticipate to be repaving the roads next week and drivers should anticipate delays if they plan to head through the downtown or on Route 44 during weekdays and no parking is permitted between 6 AM to 6 PM in marked zones.

The improvements are part of a four-town project including Chester, Rockingham, and Springfield, being completed by Pike Industries for around $9 million. The projects are being overseen by the Vermont Agency of Transportation.

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