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Board Debates Closing Damaged West Windsor Covered Bridge

The Bowers Covered Bridge in West Windsor was a topic of discussion for the town’s selectboard on Monday night as they discussed closing the historic span on Bible Hill Road. The bridge was torn off its abutments during 2011’s Tropical Storm Irene and was rebuilt a year later, but repeated motor vehicle incidents and damage has prompted the town to reconsider the bridge, considering the repairs they’ve needed to do.

The Valley News reports that board members voiced mixed opinions on the future of the bridge at Monday’s meeting and did not lean toward either side of closing or continuous reparation. As most town governments do when making decisions of the sort, the board agreed to hold a public hearing prior to making a concrete move.

Since 2012, there have been numerous accidents caused by motor vehicles of all different types trying to cross the bridge, including overweight vehicles.

The bridge was built originally in 1919 and Vermont plays host to over a hundred historic covered bridges and local towns work heavily to preserve these pieces of regional history.

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