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Newbury Seeking Input from Residents for Future of Town

A local town is extending a survey to its residents to garner feedback and which direction the town should take in the future. Just like the the City of Lebanon is doing for its downtown projects, Newbury, New Hampshire is taking to the internet as well to utilize an online survey.

It’s called Envisioning Newbury 2027 and the town has launched an online survey for residents to give their two cents on what they would like to see from the town and in the town moving forward.

Although 2027 is fair amount of years from now, it’s not too early to work on the town’s Master Plan and the town has formed a Master Plan Steering Committee made up of representatives from multiple groups across town. The project team has planned a variety of community outreach events and ways to get residents involved, including two public forums.

Those are slated for June 18th and August 27th, both taking place at the Newbury Town Offices. In the meantime, those who are interested can check out Newbury’s website at NewburyNH.org.

There, you can find information more information and what the town is looking for, as well as, most importantly, a link to the survey.

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