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Claremont Business Seeks to Reopen with Parking Changes

In Claremont, a local business that has been closed for a couple years now is considering reopening with some new parking changes. BJ Bricker’s Restaurant at 214 Washington Street is looking to reopen with a waiver from a site plan review and a variance that would allow the restaurant to operate with less parking spaces than is required.

The Eagles Times reports that the applicant, one of the owners of the closed restaurant, Sandra Holl, went before the Planning Board this week to request the above and in addition, to allow for looser parking regulations, where customers would be allowed to park in the adjacent Claremont Plaza through an easement.

The restaurant closed in August of 2013 after a brother and sister duo inherited the business in 2008 and could not find common ground on how to run the business.

They ultimately got into a rather serious feud and the sister, Sandra Holl, filed a lawsuit on her brother shortly after the business closed. The building was inherited from their mother Gertrude Holl and the building is under the ownership of the Gertrude Holl Revocable Trust.

The Planning Board has yet to approve or deny the site plan review waiver and will continue the discussion on May 9th.

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