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Newport Residents to See Increases in Various Fees

In the Sunshine Town, Newport New Hampshire, residents should expect to pay a little more for various fees in town, starting this summer. At Monday’s Selectboard meeting, the board and members of the public discussed increases to fees for motor vehicle registration, cemetery plots, and rental rates of both the opera house and town common.

The motor vehicle registration fee adds $5 to to how much residents pay for their vehicles each year, but will ultimately wind up being a positive thing to motorists. The extra funds the town will receive with the extra $5 will allow them to complete improvements to roads and bridges.

Cemetery and grave plots will go up based on size and the time of year. Renting the opera house will now cost at least $650 for one day and an extra $300 every day after that. Finally, renting the town common will bring a $150 security deposit and and $100 per day.

The additional fees hope to bring in extra revenue for the town and to put the money back towards improvements around town.

The 5-member Newport Selectboard meets the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month in the Selectmen’s Meeting Room.

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