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Audit Reveals Hanover Principal’s Spending of School Funds

An update in a story that we’ve been following for some time as the purchases and spending of a former Hanover school principal have been revealed through an audit report. An accounting firm has revealed the specific purchases of former Bernice A. Ray School Principal Matthew Laramie using a school-issued credit card over a three year period during various professional or graduate school program trips.

The audit report shows at least $34,000 being used on various purchases on Laramie’s trips that were flagged as not being part of approved activities by the school district. Purchases include food, gas, and lodging in various places across the country as part of 14 different professional or graduate program trips.

During a trip for a Boston College Program, the audit shows that Laramie spent over $5000 on various expenses, including $46 on gas at Sunoco in Lebanon, $1000 at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Boston, and $60 at a Boston bar. Laramie resigned in February after allegations began to arise that he was using school money inappropriately.

The school board was scheduled to meet Wednesday night at 7:00 to appoint a new principal for the Bernice A. Ray School.

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