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Putney Board Discusses Solution for Pile of Tires on Old Rte. 5

Down in Vermont now, in Putney, the town’s selectboard is a bit tired out after discussing a large pile of tires in the woods off of Old Route 5. Since the mid-1900s, a pile of 300 to 600 tires has accrued in the forest and at least five cars and motorcycles have been discovered nearby, including in a nearby seasonal stream.

According to video of the last week’s Selectboard meeting by Brattleboro Community TV, Town Manager Cynthia Stoddard announced an estimate from a company that there are around 15 tons of tires, which they could remove for $130 a ton, amounting to slightly less than $2000.

However, the tires are in two big piles with many scattered around on a slope and many are buried. The Selectboard expressed concern on the removal process, given that the geography of the land would make it hard for an excavator to get to the site and that underneath the tires, there may be other unforeseen obstacles.

The town has sought the assistance of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, but they have expressed that their isn’t much interest in the project because is there no immediate environmental concern.

The discussion was concluded with Town Manager Stoddard saying she would contact the state again.

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