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Two Arrested in Lebanon After Neighbor Reports Gunshot

The Lebanon Police Department arrested 22-year old Ryan Dionne and 25-year old Shaun Carey on Wednesday for felony charges of drugs and distribution as well as reckless conduct for discharging a firearm. Police were called to 139 Heater Road Wednesday morning when a first floor resident found a bullet lodged in her dining room floor, appearing to have come from upstairs, and she recalled hearing a loud noise that night.

Officers, fearing there was a gunshot victim upstairs, searched the apartment and found a male suspect asleep with a large amount of drugs nearby. Officers secured a warrant and searched the apartment, finding over a pound of marijuana, PCP, bath salts, LCD, hashish, amphetamine pills, and butane honey oil.

Police also found 14 firearms: seven handguns, including a .45 caliber that was fired into the apartment below, three shotguns, and four assault rifles. Both men face multiple charges, some of which are felonious, both class A and class B.

Both Dionne and Carey were being held at the Grafton County House of Corrections on $50,000 cash bail and $10,000 cash bail respectively and were arraigned Thursday morning.

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