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Man Arrested for Huffing After Struggle with Officer

A man was arrested in Lebanon Wednesday for huffing a propellant cleaner in his car and getting into a struggle with police. Police say that around 1 PM, officers responded to the Colonial Plaza in West Lebanon for a report of a male huffing an inhalant in a car. Police found 26-year old Christopher Auld passed out in the vehicle surrounded by cans of “Dust Off” and when officers awoke him, he grabbed a can of “Dust Off” and began to inhale it.

Corporal Brown attempted to take the can away, but Auld slammed the door on Brown and continued to inhale the vapors. Brown called for backup and Fire Chief Chris Christopolous, who was driving in the area, responded and assisted in getting Auld in handcuffs after a struggle.

Corporal Brown used OC spray, known as pepper spray, to help subdue Auld. He was charged with Simple Assault on a Police Officer, Resisting Arrest, and Inhaling Toxic Vapors for Effect.

The first two of these charges are Class A misdemeanors while the last is a violation level offense. Auld was held at the Grafton County House of Corrections on $2,500 cash bail is was arraigned Thursday morning.

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