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City Moves to Clean Up Ruined Property on Chestnut St.

In Claremont, a property on Chestnut Street known to be an eyesore and a health hazard due to its deteriorating condition may be getting cleaned up after all. The two-story home on at 25 Chestnut Street is currently unoccupied and the property owner no longer lives in town and currently resides in Swampscott, Massachusetts.

The Eagle Times reports that at Wednesday night’s city council meeting, Police Chief Alex Scott and Development Director Nancy Merrill explained that options are running out to clean up the property, which serves as a health hazard to neighbors.

During the summer of last year, city officials had tried to have the owner appear in a New Hampshire court through a summons but it was to no avail. Chief Scott recently made a motion for the city to take corrective action, which would allow them to enter the property and work on it, before placing a lien on the land and receiving funds through tax collection.

Residents of neighboring properties have expressed their concern of the property and an unnamed source told YCN News that in the four years he has lived near the property, he hasn’t seen anyone there and that it seems to be affecting property values in the general area.

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