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School Choice Bill Sparks Discussion, Croydon Continues to Fight

An update in a story we brought you Monday, part of the saga of the Croydon School Board’s ongoing battle for school choice.

Tuesday, the New Hampshire Senate Education Committee heard testimony on a bill that would permit school choice, meaning students in towns or districts without schools for their specific grade would be able to attend a private school elsewhere, which is currently being done in Croydon. The bill in discussion was passed by the House of Representatives 208-143 in March and permits school choice, provided the private schools are approved by the state.

A co-author of the bill, Representative Jim Grenier of Lempster, proposed an amendment that would require private schools with public school students on its roster to undergo testing by the state for adequacy.

This requirement would mitigate the fears of state officials that public school students attending private schools would not be receiving the same education and that it would be sub par.

The Croydon School Board has stood firm on its policy of allowing parents to choose their children’s school after the fourth grade and currently sends four of its students to the private Newport Montessori School.

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